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Hemorrhoids and Hemroids Treatments


Understanding Hemorrhoid Treatments

Seeking hemorrhoid treatments for relief from the pain, itching, burning and sometimes bleeding that accompanies recurrent bouts of hemorrhoids, can lead in a variety of directions. While no one wishes to talk about them, almost everyone we know has suffered from them, and has sought out hemorrhoid treatments from family members, homeopathic remedies and physicians. According to a study done by the Harvard Medical School,50-75% of the population over the age of 50 has suffered from hemorrhoids and the typical symptoms they cause, and the percentage is rising with the aging baby boomer generation.

 hemroids treatmentsHemorrhoid treatments run the gamut from natural remedies or synthetic medications to the seeking of surgical procedures to relieve the symptoms. While hemorrhoids are rarely dangerous, they are a bothersome condition, interfering in almost every activity because of the pain and the physical discomforts they cause. Once we know the meaning of hemorrhoids, it may be easier to understand the wide range of hemorrhoid treatments available.


  What Are Hemorrhoids?

Technically everyone has hemorrhoids, the veins that reside in clusters under the membranes that line the lower rectum and anus. It is when these veins become inflamed and distended that we even acknowledge their presence, and try out hemorrhoid treatments. There are two types of hemorrhoids that people suffer from;

Internal Hemorrhoids - Usually painless, these hemorrhoids lie in the lower rectum. When we see an occasional spot of blood after a bowel movement, internal hemorrhoids are usually the reason. It is when these hemorrhoids prolapsed and extend from the anus that itching and burning result in pruritus ani, a condition made worse when we try to reduce the itch by scratching or rubbing.

External Hemorrhoids - For those seeking hemorrhoid treatments, this type is usually the culprit. These hemorrhoids develop around the anus, just under the skin. As the hemorrhoid enlarges the skin becomes irritated, distended and erodes. When an external hemorrhoid produces a blood clot, the pain can be excruciating, once the blood clot dissolves the resultant skin tag becomes even more irritated.


  Hemorrhoid Treatments That Work


Hemroids Treatments ReviewThere are quite a few hemorrhoid treatments that can be done as preventive measures, or ongoing home treatments, and they can work exceptionally well as an alternative to medical procedures.

Let us take a look at a few of the popular hemorrhoid treatments.


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 Preventive Hemorrhoid Treatments

Treatment For HemorrhoidsOne of the leading causes of hemorrhoids is poor bowel movements and sluggish physical behavior. It has been medically proven that to avoid flare-ups of hemorrhoids is relatively easy, just try a few of the following steps, and you will see a positive result.

A. Stimulate bowel functions by taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day, or participating in an aerobic exercise program.

B. Create a pattern for your body to adjust to for a bowel movement. By creating a pattern, the body becomes accustomed to defecating at a regular time, so the strain is less, and the bowels are not backed up.

C. Drinking plenty of liquids during the day, along with a healthy amount of fiber increases the soft stools that prevent straining during a bowel movement.



Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments

Before you rush out and buy synthetic medications for hemorrhoid treatments, try a few home remedies first.

A. Warm Baths - If you do not have access to a Sitz Bath, then soaking inHemorrhoid Treatments fresh, clear, warm water in the bath works marvelously! Just a few inches of water, high enough to sit in, while relaxing for 20 minutes, usually does the trick.
You can repeat after every bowel movement until the flare-up is over. Be sure to pat dry the anal area, using a hair dryer on a low, warm setting is also a delightful way to remove moisture and it also works as part of the hemorrhoid treatments at home ritual.

B. Aloe Vera- A wondrous treatment everyone should keep in the home, it is not only notable for burns, it is ideal as one of the homeopathic choices for hemorrhoid treatments.
Simply dab on gently for immediate relief of itching and burning.

C. Witch Hazel Wipes - These can be purchased almost anywhere and the soothing, brisk relief they provide is worth the price. You can also dab on Witch Hazel with a cotton ball to the inflamed area, and the relief is almost immediate.

Medical Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoids and Hemorids TreatmentsIf you have suffered from hemorrhoids, and nothing seems to be helping, then you may need to seek medical advice for helping with hemorrhoid treatments. Thankfully over the past few years, noninvasive medical treatments have advanced to the point where less pain is involved, quicker recover times and out-patient treatment are available.

There is a variety of hemorrhoid treatments that can be done, either in a doctor's office or under general anesthesia in a day surgery setting.

A. Rubber Band Ligation - Using rubber bands, the hemorrhoid is banded around the base, which causes it to shrink, leaving behind scar tissue that supports and holds the vein in its natural position. This type of hemorrhoid treatment is relatively painless with few if any complications, but does require a second procedure to be fully effective. It also works better than other noninvasive treatments like Laser or cryosurgery which do not have the benefit of preventing recurrence, as the banding procedure does.

B. Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy - Unlike bands, this requires only one application of staples to keep the veins in their natural position. It is more painful than banding and has minor side effects, yet it works extremely well in preventing recurrence.

C. Hemorrhoidectomy - This is the standard surgical procedure of removing large protruding hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids that are not responding to banding or stapling; an extremely painful procedure that results in the complete removal of the hemorrhoid and offers a definitive answer to hemorrhoid problems.

Whichever method of hemorrhoid treatments you choose to follow or seek out, remember that prevention is always better than suffering from a preventable ailment.


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Hemorrhoids (Hemroids)
Hemroids Hemorrhoids Treatments



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